Two Idiots and an Expert

God and Freedom

February 02, 2022 Season 3 Episode 52
Two Idiots and an Expert
God and Freedom
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Episode 52 - God and Freedom - is live with expert Gila Jedwab. 

Kops and Lee are back with an expert this week, Gila Jedwab. The boys get right into it… But first Happy Birthday to Lee!

Lee has known Gila for many years, they grew up together in Scranton, PA. Kops and Lee asked Gila to come on the podcast to discuss her thoughts on vaccines and masks. The boys think it is important to hear this point of view.

Gila Jedwab joins Kops and Lee (02:55); this is her first podcast, trusts Lee and because of their long-term relationship feels she is in a safe space. Gila is a dentist in Long Island and is working on a book about her relationship with God,
The Center of All Things. Gila is in the midst of an awakening and feels spirituality is missing from the world, everything concerning Coronavirus has made this obvious to her. Your relationship with God should not be based on fear, it should be based on love. Gila has a strong belief in “Spiritual Flexibility". Gila then gets into why she is against vaccines and her theories about Big Pharma, September 11th, Rockefeller, censorships, global population control and the importance of natural remedies. Gila strongly believes we are not supposed to mess with DNA, can’t control the invisible world, this is God’s realm, and they are coming for our freedom. Gila then tells Kops and Lee about being in Washington, DC on January 6th, 2021 (0114:30) and the picture of her from that day that caused an uproar.

Kops and Lee come back to wrap this episode up (01:25:38).

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