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Stories from the Archives

June 28, 2023 Season 5 Episode 79
Two Idiots and an Expert
Stories from the Archives
Show Notes

Episode 79 - Stories from the Archives - is live with expert Lara Zielin from the podcast Archive Unknown.

Lara joins Kops and Lee (04:04) and immediately clarifies that she isn't an archivist. She explains what she does at her archive and her love for the weird stories found in archives. Lara talks to the boys about a few of her podcast episodes,  specifically Deadly Bombs and a Red Scare which covers the 1919 bombings in the US and then breaks down what exactly an archive is. 

Special for the Two Idiots and an Expert podcast Lara shows Kops and Lee a photo (check it out on the pod's social media channels) and tells them an extremely interesting story (22:57) about the kidnapping of Charley Ross.

After some more questions for Lara Kops and Lee wrap up this fun episode (57:28)!

Thank you Lara for coming on the podcast! Follow Lara on Instagram, for more info go to her website here and subscribe to the Archive Unkown podcast on Apple and Spotify

Lara Zielin's bio: 
Lara has worked in an archive for more than a decade writing about the strange and incredible things that can be found tucked away in boxes on shelves. For her podcast, she's an archival archaeologist, diving into papers and files all across the country to find truly unusual stories – on topics from true crime to the paranormal to mysteries to conspiracies and more.  

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