Two Idiots and an Expert

The Chocolatier

February 15, 2023 Season 4 Episode 72
Two Idiots and an Expert
The Chocolatier
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Episode 72 - The Chocolatier - is live with expert Miriam Gitelman from Coco Jolie.

Before the Idiots get to the expert...

- Podcasting 101, make sure to introduce yourselves.
- Thank you to all who listened the last episode about HBO's The Last of Us.
- Kops thinks they should list their favorite movie scenes.
- Lee's reaction to the Eagles losing the Super Bowl, the Halftime show and more.

Miriam Gittleman from Coco Jolie joins the podcast (17:09) and tells Kops and Lee all about her background and her journey to becoming a Chocolatier. She also explains the process of how chocolate is made, the evolution of Coco Jolie into a direct to consumer ecommerce sales model and partnering with Patis Bakery.  Kops and Lee talk with Miriam about TikTok (Lee's TikTok diet worked - last week he only had 6 hours!) famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon and his amazing skills and videos. 

Thank you Miriam for coming on Two Idiots and an Expert! Go to the Coco Jolie website to see all of Miriam's prodcuts, place an order or sign up for her emails. 

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