Two Idiots and an Expert

2022 Wrap Up

December 28, 2022 Steven and Lee Season 4 Episode 68
Two Idiots and an Expert
2022 Wrap Up
Show Notes

Episode 68 - 2022 Wrap Up - is live with Kops and Lee!

Happy  Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

On this episode Kops and Lee discuss some things to close out 2022. But first Kops brings up the recent storm affecting the US and an article about the people who have died. Then he connects this to wanting to talk to someone who was homeless and living on the street. Lee is working to find more experts; listeners please reach out with any ideas.

Over the last year (08:14) the podcast has 5500 downloads, 14k since Kops and Lee started, and has made a few bucks.

Lee talks about the state of TV in 2022 (10:00) and his top 5 shows of 2022 (in no specific order); Andor, White Lotus, The Bear, Severance, Better Call Saul. Some other shows to watch are The Patient, 1899, Old Man, We Own This City, Industry and Reservation Dogs. The plethora of shows will continue into 2023, but after that who knows what will happen with the streamers.

Kops wants everyone to remember Lisa's matchmaking project, SoulMates (24:07). 

Lee listed to a good podcast about catfishing called Sweet Bobby (27:30).

To close this episode Lee goes over PornHub's year in review (29:52)! 

Thank you everyone for your continued support! 

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