Two Idiots and an Expert


October 26, 2022 Season 4 Episode 64
Two Idiots and an Expert
Show Notes

Episode 64 - Id-YE-ots - is live!

It's Kops and Lee solo this week... Your idiots have been busy the last few weeks with the Jewish holidays, eating and drinking.

- Lee looks down his nose at Tequila with additives and Kops doesn't like Mezcal.
- Thank you to all our listeners and it could be the ads are done.
- Then Kops and Lee talk about Kanye's crazy anti-Semitic comments (06:25), how they feel about celebrity culture, do their best to breakdown a crazy situation and Lee asks, "Does anyone care what Kanye says?".
- Next up in current events, Lee asks Kops about what he knows about Liz Truss (26:44) and her 45 days as the UK PM.
-  It's the United States Grand Prix weekend and congratulations to 2022 champion Max Verstappen!
- TV updates from the Idiots; House of the Dragon (HBO), Reservation Dogs (Hulu) and Dahmer (Netflix).
- Kops gets deep... He has an epiphany playing hockey (37:37) and Mathew McConaughey's speech closes this episode out. Alright, alright, alright! 

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