Two Idiots and an Expert

Secrets of NYC

May 25, 2022 Season 4 Episode 57
Two Idiots and an Expert
Secrets of NYC
Show Notes

Episode 57 - Secrets of NYC - is live with expert Marty Coleman.  

It’s a new episode with Kops and Lee! Kicking it off… 

- Great response to the last episode with Lizzy Savetsky! 
- Kops and Lee don’t know anything about New York City’s history. 
- Kops isn’t good at geography and people’s names.
- Does anyone know an expert who can advise on how to get your hacked social media account back? 

This week’s expert is amateur New York City historian, Marty Coleman! Marty, who is a New York City Historical Society member, joins Kops and Lee (04:53) and talks about his passion for NYC history and interesting facts about NYC. 

Some of Marty’s favorite places to visit in New York City include (24:00):

A few of Marty’s favorite pizza places in NYC are: 

Thank you Marty for coming on the podcast with Kops and Lee!

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