Two Idiots and an Expert

The Instagram Activist

May 11, 2022 Season 4 Episode 56
Two Idiots and an Expert
The Instagram Activist
Show Notes

Episode 56 - The Instagram Activist - is live with expert Lizzy Savetsky. 

Kops and Lee are back for a new episode! Some quick hits:

- Lee wants everyone to watch Tokyo Vice on HBO Max
- Ozark turned Lee on to Nas’ 1994 album Illmati
- Lee is recommitting to a healthy lifestyle of exercise, healthy eating and drinking a ton of water!

This week’s expert is Instagram influencer and Judaism, Israel and fertility activist, Lizzy Savetsky (IG:
lizzysavetsky and bashertbylizzy).

Lizzy joins Kops and Lee (06:55) to talk about her journey to social media influencer, where and how she grew up, her family and her love for all things Israel. She goes over her experiences with reality TV - Lizzy was cast on the Real Housewives of Dallas (37:32) before it was canceled and her thoughts on Unorthodox. More recently, Lizzy tells the boys about a picture of Karlie Kloss with Bella Hadid that came out on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Lizzy posted an Instagram reel with the picture cross-edited to have a video from Holocaust survivor Rae Kushner (Kloss’ husband's grandmother!). Lizzy then tells Kops and Lee about her most recent project, Bashert, a matchmaking service on Instagram to help Jewish single men & women meet.

Thank you Lizzy for hanging with Kops and Lee! Follow Lizzy today.

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