Two Idiots and an Expert

Loyalty & Respect - Part 2

March 03, 2022 Season 3 Episode 54
Two Idiots and an Expert
Loyalty & Respect - Part 2
Show Notes

Episode 54 - Loyalty & Respect: Part 2 - is live with expert Ali Dee. 

*The opening and closing music on this week’s episode is a song called
Who's Da Flava (1992) from our expert, Ali Dee!*

Your favorite Idiots are back! Lee was in Vegas for a conference and came back with COVID. Kops jumps right into wrapping up Hailey's Olympic experience - she finished in 15th place! Lee then breaks down his trip to Vegas.

Part 2 of the conversation with Ali Dee continues from where the boys left off (14:28)… Ali has disbanded his group - this was a new situation for Ali causing him to struggle with depression. Ali, with the help of his friend who becomes his wife, pulls himself out of the funk and starts working on new projects. He develops a punk/hip hop band called The Grand Skeem, signs record deal number four, does a cover of
Baby Got Back but is dropped again. Because of this project, Ali meets Master P and does a deal with No Limit. No Limit changes hands so Ali is back on his own. At this time Ali is done with hit and artist making and decides to go into making music for movies and TV. This turns into a career leading him to work on Alvin & The Chipmunks, Hannah Montana, Anna Kendricks’ Cups, He-Man and many more.

Kops and Lee close this out (53:20). Thanks for listening and a huge thank you to Ali for talking to Kops and Lee.

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