Two Idiots and an Expert

Loyalty & Respect - Part 1

February 15, 2022 Season 3 Episode 53
Two Idiots and an Expert
Loyalty & Respect - Part 1
Show Notes

Episode 53 - Loyalty & Respect: Part 1 - is live with expert Ali Dee. 

*The opening and closing music on this week’s episode is a song called
Who's Da Flava (1992) from our expert, Ali Dee!*

There’s some noise in the basement so the Idiots had a change in venue. Kops and Lee are recording this week from Hailey’s bedroom, aka ‘The Bird Nest’. The Olympic opening ceremonies were a few days earlier, Kops and Lisa are very appreciative of all the messages and well wishes. They are enjoying this experience.

Last week’s episode had a very good response both in the number of downloads and the reaction the boys have received. There have been texts and calls from people who agree and disagree with Gila. In making this podcast Kops and Lee will always try to talk to different people and create a space to listen to other people’s points of view - whether you agree with them or not.

This week’s expert is Hip Hop, movie, and TV music producer Ali Dee. Kops has known Ali for many years, they worked on some projects together. Ali has always been a hustler and grinder, there is a lot for all of us to learn from Ali’s journey.

Ali Dee joins Kops and Lee (09:39) and gets right into his early life and how he started in music; his mother was a Broadway choreographer, his father was a US government covert ops inventor (check out this Wall Street Jornal article
here), then as a teenager gets involved in the Hip Hop dance & music scene. Ali created strong relationships and was the only white kid in these neighborhoods doing dance and rap battles, he didn’t see color (literally and figuratively!). Ali started to write and produce songs then started a group called the Park Ave Rappers and was offered his first record deal - which his mother wouldn’t let him sign. In 1989 Ali started the first white and black rap group, The Next School, signed to Chrysalis Records and released the single Profits of Unity. Ali goes on tour, leaves his The Next School partner, decides to take control of his own destiny, works on many different projects as an artist, then settles on being a full time producer. 

Kops and Lee close out Part 1 of their conversation with Ali (01:17:00). Thanks for listening, Part 2 will go live next week!

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